Advice for parents to help your child avoiding games addiction

Gaming is harmless and that is the reason why the world is crazy about it. It makes no sense because if gaming is harmful then why is the world investing tons of dollars in developing games. It has been scientifically proved that playing does have a very good effect on the mental health of the players. It sharps the mind as well as makes the kid more attentive. It is also given equal importance to that of outdoor games. There are many Games for free which are ok to play. However, they are one thing that makes games harmful to children and that is an addiction. Developing a tendency to not ignore games and be glued to it all time long is an activity of concern. Here are some tips for the parents to help your child not develop this habit.

Limit them

The first and foremost way to make your child not have the gaming addiction is to not have him play the games for long. Restriction to games is the best possible way. It is easier to not build a habit than to get rid of the habit. Hence, you can set time limits for your child to play computer Games for free. They might scream at your face that they don’t like you but that is fine as you are doing it for them. Decide the hours that your child would have access to games during the weekdays and weekends.

Reward them

Make your child earn to play the games. You will make him mature by doing this. Ask him to complete his homework as soon as possible then he can play games. This would boost his energy to get the homework done as soon she good. This would also help him learn to manage his time efficiently and effectively. This would not be a pity activity but an activity that he earned through his efforts.

Encourage outdoor games

Computer games may be important but the other games are also equally necessary to keep him fit and healthy. Moreover sitting alone in the house would only make him anti-social. If the kid is sitting in the house ideal then he is most likely to turn up to computer games as an entertainment. If you set him out he may be more social and through this, he would also have mates in the house to enjoy the games together.


One more thing that you can do is to make your kid involved in some other activities like chess, scrabble, etc. You can play with him too. This also stimulates the brain and would not have him stuck to the computer games. Also do talk to your child directly about how addiction to the games can have a bad effect on him and also tell him how important playing games are but within restrictions.