Fifa 18 Switch

Fifa 18 Switch

FIFA 18 appeared on Nintendo Switch recently. With all the latest upgrades though, it still feels outdated compared to its counterparts on Playstation and other games. Many of its most profound features are still missing from the Switch version.

The game offers little aside from the single one-on matches. There is no Journey mode or multi-gaming against friends present. The Career mode and Fifa Ultimate Team has been included but some of its key features are missing making it an incomplete experience.

Since online multi-gaming is absent, the only way you can enjoy playing with friends is having them over and attaching another control. That aside, you can still 먹튀검증사이트 and compete with other online gamers but that remains anonymous. We would give it a big minus point for that.


Nothing much has changed in the controls when it comes to FIFA Switch. It still remains a drag especially when you compare it to other game versions. The movement of players is sturdy and mechanical. You would feel them drag their feet around and the shots play really over-the-top.

Simply put it doesn’t provide the right feels while kicking the ball around. This isn’t new to Nintendo consoles but that is the main problem. Nothing much has changed.

The goalkeeper is as stupid as he always was. Most of the time, the ball just cruises past him as he stares into nothingness. As it is, the smooth strides and gliding scores that we so much wanted haven’t been included in this version either.


It feels good to watch FIFA 18 appear on your Switch screen but overall, you should expect the game to feel the same as the previous versions. The graphics have been improved so to say, but as a player, you would feel as though you are still playing a version from the yesteryears.

The game does give you a good feel of being able to play whole matches on professional grounds. However, that is all it can offer.

All in all, the drastic changes that we have been hoping for in FIFA games on Nintendo are still 먹튀검증사이트. They are yet to come.