Lol Boost for reaching to Plat

Why do the boosting, because the money was better before but now it is still very good. Let’s have a look at the competitively boosting. When a team is winning LAN then they are receiving only a few thousands of the pounds. The cuts are in between 15 to 20 percent. It would leave the player with only a few hundred pounds.

After weeks of training when finally you are getting to the second place then it would be the half the amount which you would be spending. This is the actual reward which you get when you are grueling in the tournament.

Joe Bloggs Views

Take a look at the Joe Bloggs who is a Diamond 5 player from UK who are barely getting into the ESL premiership or into the UK Masters team. But he has the capability to lol boost you from bronze to gold and from there to plat. When a player wants the Gold 3 to Plat 5 LOL boost then it would cost him 1000 pound and would require around 15 to 20 wins and around 10 hours of time.

Now you only decide that what is better 400 or 500 pounds a month or 100 euro a day. But have you ever think about ethics. Ethically this is not correct and also not irrelevant. There are various LCS players who are very actively doing the lol boost right now.

The lol boost networks have grown very rapidly now and with the help of skype chats it is making very easy to find the duos or the groups for boosting the game and taking a very minimal risk of losing.

There is a huge problem between the income and the investment in time in boosting. There is also lack of the punishment for the lol boost and the boosters are easily getting away from it.

World of Warcraft

We have also spoken with the World of Warcraft booster about understanding the working of their account and how they are used to it and how they are working.

In wow seasons 1-4 there is much gear for which the rating has been locked and are considered as very highly prestigious. Wow is not having a system for making a gear which looks very similar to other gears. The people achievements are recognized mostly by the gears which they are wearing. Shoulders and weapons would require a very high rating and the PVP player.

In later seasons the currency is given weekly basis if you want to buy the rating. So the people are paying you for getting the higher ratings. This means that they are getting more currency per week and having the access to the most prestigious items.