The Prices Of Boosteria

One of the most popular League of Legends booster provider is Bosteria. This gives a lot of reasons why it needs to buy League of Legends Booster. Since it summertime, the company is providing many options of cheap Boosteria prices of League of Legends elo boosters.

The Trusted Boosting League Of Legends

People are selected carefully to who will be able to their boosting services working on the platform and here are the requirements:

  1. Must have at least one diamond in an account in LoL ranked system.
  2. Has a decent amount of honor on applicant’s account to make sure that he wasn’t banned in the past.
  3. Ability and professionalism to communicate in order to provide great service to the customer.

Your LoL Account Is In Good Hands

The Elo booster is instructed strictly to follow rules because if not you will be penalized for violating the rules:

  • Won’t spoil themselves as boosters
  • Won’t flame during games
  • Will not spend your IP/RP without asking you
  • No one can steal your account until you have access to your email.

Boosteria prices

Other Extra Options

This provides the customers to choose available League of Legends booster that they like. The booster that has been chosen is getting an additional payout for such order. The status descriptions are:

  • Free – it is available to start working on your order when on the website it appears online.
  • On order – you will have to wait if you choose the booster is currently on order until he finishes it but you will be able to chat with him for the meanwhile.
  • Busy – booster is already but the lineup to the booster os full or decided to disable queue to him and you can’t choose him.
  • Not working – the booster disabled customers ability to choose him as a booster.

A Surprise Advance For Elo Service

Useful tools were developed to follow you on our boosting website. It focused on your personal area.

  • Master or Challenger Diamond 1 boosters Live chat
  • Information about your current position could be done through Order progress tracker tool.
  • In just two clicks spectators start watching the game through Spectate tool.
  • Expertise to pause or unpause could be done anytime.
  • LoL boost could be bought without Paypal. The payment method could be done differently and that includes PaySafeCard.

Crazy sales are being published from time to time for our valued customers. It’s time and chance to grab in this list. Orders are completely swift and with excellence standard.