Tips to select the appropriate fencing equipment

For a fencer, it is always special in choosing the fencing equipment; the dress should be white and matchit tightly. It looks very elegant and provides up fencing a specific status. But the look of fencing equipment plays a rather minor role; more significant this is the security for the fencer. Thus, a fencing gear should correspond DFB guidelines as well as the FIE criteria and consists only of particular substances. In the present fencing clothing is a unique fabric for security integrated, like bulletproof police-west.

For trousers and jackets, it is best to choose the resistant materials. The jacket is your weapon, means it covers you from the shoulder to the wrist, so that the front of the jacket produced of a reinforced material. The fencing clothing is often made from materials like cotton, nylon and Dyneema. The sign of the force would be to demonstrate how much the suitable garment of fencing equipment must withstand a specific test thing at least.

Also for fencing gear contains a chest protector, which has to be worn by women and girls. Boys and men are advised to wear a cup/ jockstrap. Anunder vest also belongs to a fencing gear. For the foil fencing an electric waistcoat is essential, for sabre fencing an electrical jacket with sleeve, electric seal, a distinctive sabre glove and electric sabre mask with mask cable are required.

A further important law and an important notice to the fencing gear is the appropriate knee sock. Fundamentally the legs must be covered to the pants border of the knee from the knee socks. With the material you need to pay attention to a mobile fabric, which absorbs moisture.

Say not to underestimate with the fencing gear, is your glove. He serves the security of the weapon. The glove should include a similar material with extended sleeve and a cushion on the back of the hand. He might be stuffed.

The fencing shoes are just another standard for the safe fencing gear. They ought to dispose of a nonslip as possible only to prevent slides onto the fencing and also to exclude therefore injuries.

Ultimately the fencing mask might not be missing for a secure fencing gear; hence you need to pay attention on choosing. Choosing hema mask for fencing has now been the popular mean among many users. This consists usually of a steel-grid network and a plastic-covered or leather-covered wire bow. The interior of the mask is upholstered. To protect the neck from fencing strikes, the mask in front owns a bib from particular fabric. Want to learn more related to this, better click over the link in this article and learn more related this.