Here’s What Metro Exodus Is Going To Have

With its initial release date being just around the corner now, there are more details that the developers are letting the world know about the game. Whether this is to get the players more excited about the game or just a little effort to let the world know what to anticipate, here’s a list of things you need to know if you have been eagerly waiting for the game to release.

The game will have day and night cycle

As the developers confirm, the game will have a day and night cycle. While the trailer does not show much as to how this would work in the game, we would only know oncegame is releasedhow the concept of day and night cycle would be incorporated in the game.

You might run into settlements

All the parts of Metro have always had nuances to them; this one does too. The game features settlements and communities. This gives the game an open-ended structure. Furthermore, what’s exciting is that you’re at the chances of running into both friendly and hostile settlements. This makes it thrilling to play.

You’ll witness a narrative setting again

Pretty much like the other parts of the Metro, Exodus will have a narrative setting as well. If you have played Metro: Last Night, you know how the game ends. The ending of Last Night will be used as canon for Metro Exodus and the player will once again enter the game as Artyom. What changes is the place, that is, instead of traveling to Moscow, you’re going to travel across Russia.

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The train from the trailer is in the game

If you have watched the trailer of the game, you know there is a train,which they show as the trailer ends. The good news is,the train is there in the game. Since this is the first time the developers are making a train a prominent part of the game, players have a lot of excitement to look forward to. As the developers say, the train would serve as a settlement and a means to move out of the country.

Building weapons

If you love Robinson Crusoe for how he implemented survival tactics and made a life after being on a secluded island, here’s a little chance for you. In Metro Exodus, when you don’t find any ready to use weapons despite being in dire need of one, you have to look around for parts and pieces. As you come across and collect these parts and pieces, you’re supposed to craft your own ammunition in order to survive the harsh world of Metro.

People are already waiting for the Metro Exodus download. While these are just tiny details about how the game is going to be and what a player can expect, there is much more to the game that will add a lot of fun to it. Since the game releases in the month of February, there’s not a lot of waiting to know more.