Level 1 is the starting point where one can get the fragment keys and start with the rewards.

How To Earn Lol Level Up Rewards

LOL stands for League of Legend which is an online video game that was developed by Riot games. This game is inspired by Warcraft III. It is an online multiplayer game. The destruction of the Nexus of the other team is the only goal of this game. When one starts collecting items and experience it becomes stronger over time in the game. From the time of its release, it is a famous game and has gained popularity over time. If one needs to unlock the ranks then leveling up is required. The game changes in its 9th season.

When the level increases in the game

When there are positive attitudes in the game and the good behavior inside and outside the game then it is possible to level up in the game. The Honor System in LOL will help in leveling up the game. The option is also there to chat with other people when one is playing an online game. When it came to leveling up the game, then it was observed then Old honor was not so helpful in lol level up rewards. Then the new honor was introduced in the game.

 Earn Lol Level Up Rewards

The comparative highlights of old honor and new honor are –

  • Old Honor was usually an enemy opponent game that focused on the enemy than that of the reward. New Honor focused on the rewards of the game along with the enemy.
  • The new Honor is friendlier compared to the Old Honor.
  • The Old honor was comparatively less helpful to the players inside the game. The New Honor helped the players inside the game to earn rewards and earn more points.
  • The teamwork in any game is very important. The Old Honor helped in teamwork rarely but the new Honor believes that team is the only way to win a game.

Honour Rewards

The rewards are the most attractive parts of the game LOL.

  • In level 0 and level 1, there are no such rewards. But when one reaches Honor Level 2 the key points are received by them.
  • Level 3 is the first best part of this online game where 300 or more essence is won by the players.
  • In further levels such as Level 4 and Honor level, 5 further gem points are earned by the players.
  • By the end of the season, only deserving players are sent the rewards so that the players can stay positive throughout.

Conclusively, lol level up rewards are a positive attitude towards the game and it has become one of the popular online games over time. Getting rewards will start a new season altogether. Level 1 is the starting point where one can get the fragment keys and start with the rewards.