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Testament is the Best Guilty Gear Character and here are 5 reasons why

Testament is the Best Guilty Gear Character and here are 5 reasons why. I think most of you will agree with me when I say Testament, who is voiced by Jamieson Price and Daisuke Inoue in Japan, while Jamieson Price voices him in North America and Europe, was the best character in Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator- to be released on Arc System Works! Sure, he was the best character in both previous versions of the game as well but that doesn’t make him any less cool!

1) His Design

One of Testament’s most notable qualities is his design. His outfit, for example, looks like it was just ripped from a heavy metal album cover. Testament also has some pretty gnarly scars on his head that make him look even more badass. Testament guilty gear voice actor also has an axe that he can use to fight and smash things up with.

2) His Lore

With his imposing size, strength, and ruthless tactics in combat, Testament has rightfully earned his spot as one of the most feared characters in all of fighting games. Testament’s power was even feared by those who created him for their own purposes. From his debut story arc to his current role as a playable character, Testament will always be remembered as one of the most iconic fighters in any game he appears in.

Testament guilty gear voice actor

3) His Voice Actor

Testament’s voice actor, Terry McGovern, has voiced him since his first appearance in Guilty Gear. Testament can be both commanding and aggressive, but also surprisingly gentle at times. He’s a very complex character with an equally impressive voice actor.

4) His Moveset

Testament’s moveset is probably one of the most versatile in the game. His long range attacks are great, his mid-range attacks are quick and have a lot of variety, and his close range attacks are strong. Testament has an excellent air game as well, with fast jumping speed and good air normals. The best part about Testament’s moveset is that he can do it all! He can play keep away or rushdown depending on what you want to do, so you’re always in control.

5) His Music

Testament has always been a favorite character of mine in the Guilty Gear series. He’s such an iconic character that people often associate with me when they see me in person. I think he’s got some of the best lines, like I’m feeling lucky! The thing about Testament is that he’s a jack-of-all-trades. He can play offense or defense, be on the ground or in the air, and use close range or long range attacks to his advantage.