Why Should You Purchase Your Accounts For League Of Legends From DevilSmurf?

Why Should You Purchase Your Accounts For League Of Legends From DevilSmurf?

Are you concerned about your victory percentage and previous matches? It’s not necessary at all! We have a win percentage of 99 percent in League of Legends because to the humanization of our artificial intelligence. This assures that your match history will give you high-tier numbers from the very beginning of the game.

All of DevilSmurf’s Smurf accounts are in satisfactory standing right now. The accounts are marked as AFK extremely infrequently, and even when they are, we keep playing up until the LPQ or dodge timer is removed from the game.

The majority of players have a secondary, or “smurf,” account in addition to their primary one. They are able to practise new champions, new roles, and simply warm up before using their primary account because the smurf accounts provide them with this opportunity. It’s such a standard practise that even professional players are guilty of it.

Creating a smurf account in League of Legends is easy; all you need to do is start a fresh account for the game and start levelling it up. Consider purchasing a smurf account if you are short on time or if you do not wish to spend time levelling up. This will allow you to jump right into the action without having to wait!


Reasons to purchase

The importance of quality over quantity – You no longer need to be concerned about bans.

Aged League of Legends accounts (12 weeks or more).

All of the smurf accounts that DevilSmurf provide are guaranteed to be at least three months old. Your account won’t be reported for account trading if you do this, it’s guaranteed. Because Riot is required to erase material after a certain length of time has passed, this also helps to avoid any potential problems involving individuals’ personal data.

30-Day Limited Warranty on the Ban

We offer a 30-day warranty to every customer, which means that if you are banned during that time, you will be given a brand-new smurf account. We are positive that you will not be blacklisted, and our warranty backs up our confidence in that assertion.

Names of Entertaining Summoners

We are aware of how significant it is to select a summoner name, despite the fact that many potential names have already been taken. Because of this, we always make an effort to choose the most original names possible, and we promise that none of our accounts will ever have numbers included in their names.

Unranked & Unverified

Every single one of our League of Legends smurf accounts is both unverified and unranked. Because of this, it will not be difficult for you to enter and take possession of the business. After you have received your account, you will first need to validate it, then change the password, and then you may begin playing.